Structural design

24hr turnaround guarantee

Foundation design

Beam design

24hr turnaround guarantee

There are often occasions where, despite the best planning, you find you need an urgent design. It might be a simple beam that you expected was OK but the Building Control Officer is not happy with, or whereas you can see your extension taking shape you realise you need to alter the layout slightly which requires calculations for lintels and roof design. If so we can help with our guaranteed 24 hr turnaround service.

This only applies to small jobs and is obviously dependent on our workload. As long as you tell us when briefing us that the job must be done within 24 hours and we accept the job we undertake to provide you with the details you or your contractor needs to proceed with the project. The information may be supplied by email, over the phone or by hand. Any copies that requiring sending to Building Control will be posted within 48 hours.

Additional charge
We make an additional charge of £100 + vat for the service. The additional charge applies only to new jobs. Where Clients have existing jobs that need urgent attention the time spent on these will be charged on the agreed basis and the work carried out at the agreed time.

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