2D Drawings
We usually issue drawings as PDFs. However, if you want AutoCad versions we will send those to you on request. If you haven't got AutoCad but want to open the file we can send you 'dwf' files which you can view using the free viewer available from Autodesk.

3D models
For some projects, particularly where it is difficult to explain what is required, we produce 3D models that you can zoom in and out of and rotate etc. These are usually done in Sketchup. There are various free viewers that you can download to use the models available here from SketchUp. SketchUp viewers are available for mobiles on Google Play and the App Store.

Site Guides
These are guides only. They are necessarily general and we cannot, and do not, take responsibility for their use in circumstances where they are inappropriate. However, we would be pleased to provide detailed custom designs if required.

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