Our fees

Our fees are very competitive. We provide quotations before accepting instructions. Our quotations are based on hourly rates of £102 (£85 + VAT) an hour for engineers and £60 (£50 + VAT) an hour for technicians. We do not generally charge for mileage. Clients are issued with progress reports and in particular the ongoing costs if the fee is time based. We do not charge for printing drawings or calculations.

24 hour turnaround service

In emergencies we will guarantee to do small design jobs within 24 hours (usually excluding weekends) and we usually charge an additional £120 (£100 + VAT). This is to cover us for having to work outside normal office hours.

Minimum charge

We have a minimum charge of £360 (£300 + VAT). This is usually enough to complete simple beam designs etc. An element of this charge is for setting up of the job and other associated administration, accordingly if further calculations are required for the same job they are based on our hourly rate and not subject to this minimum charge. Our minimum charge if we go to site is £480 (£400 + VAT).


For most domestic surveys we operate on fixed pricing . This covers the initial investigation and any subsequent work that may be required to complete the survey. Extra costs such as bore holes, materials testing or arboricultural advice are passed on at net. We charge from either £480 (£400 + VAT) or £720 (£600 + VAT) depending on whether we have to dig trial holes. While it can be difficult to know in advance if trial holes are necessary as rule of thumb we would expect to dig trial holes if there is cracking in the masonry extending down to ground level.

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